Indore's Vijayshri invests in a Yongshun laminator

Indore-based packaging specialist, Vijayshri Packaging has invested in YS SR108, a fully automatic thermal blade type film laminator from Yongshun at the Pamex 2017 show.

21 Dec 2017 | By Priya Raju

The machine displayed at the show will be installed at Vijayshri's 2-lakh sq/ft plant in Indore. According to Rohit Rajpal, director, Zhongke India, "The investment by Vijayshri is in line with its expansion plan for its recently inaugurated shopfloor." 
The YS SR108 thermal laminator is a four use machine type and can be used for water, oil, ore-coated film and glue-free film application. "The machine is capable to slit and laminate a range of substrates such as OPP and PET," Rajpal added.
In addition, Bengaluru-based offset and digital print specialist Ma Prints has signed a deal for installation of Zhongke ZK-5540OWL at Pamex.
The new investment in Zhongke ZK-5540OWL will now automate the process. “It was a time-consuming effort, and involved around 15 people to produce them,” said Guruprasad Talwar of Ma Prints. “We can now deploy them to in other works.”
The Zhongke ZK-5540OWL can produce medium-grade paper box for shoes, food, toys, and daily necessities using B, E and F category of corrugated paper, 12-20PT ivory paper, and 250-645 gsm gray board.