Indian Printers Summit 2023 on 14-15 September

The 31st annual conference of Wan-Ifra, Indian Printers Summit 2023, co-sponsored by the Indian Newspaper Society will be held in Kochi, Kerala on 14-15 September.

08 Sep 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

KN Shanth Kumar, director, The Printers (Mysore) during Indian Printers Summit 2022, held in Delhi

The event seeks to commemorate the achievement of print in the region and bring together the best minds in the newspaper printing and publishing business to discuss the future of the longevity of print.

The event will discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities facing the newspaper industry today. It will offer a combination of learning conference sessions, and a mini expo at the same place.

The target audience for the event includes CEOs, managing directors, technical directors, business directors, production heads, plant managers, pre-press managers, print business managers and other senior news publishing leaders.

Session highlights

Keynote address: Charting a sustainable path amid changing demands and the future of the news publishing business by  Mylene Sylvestre, publishing director, Guardian News & Media.

Print business trends and current demands of the industry in India: heads of marketing & advertising business of leading news publishers discuss the insights and best practices. 

Shared responsibilities of publishers in sustainable Development: What are the practices and initiatives that could lead the publishers into sustainable publishing within production. 

The role of solar energy in energy consumption in print production plants: The challenges and opportunities of integrating solar energy in newspaper production. 

Sustainable consumables and manufacturing of newspapers: Responsible sourcing of raw materials and eco-friendly transportation and logistics in the supply chain. Heads of technology and production of leading companies discuss the topic 

Sustainable publishing practices: ESG in newspaper manufacturing and print production best practices? What are the options for newspaper publishers and print production houses for an emission free and carbon neutral/carbon offsetting techniques for newspaper publishing?

Automated layout as a key component in the full automation of editorial print workflows: Current developments and trends in of cost minimisation in newspaper production.

Industry 4.0 and integrating the advancements in IT in the print production process:  A presentation on implementing Industry 4.0 in newspaper manufacturing and its effect on improving efficiency and streamlining operations.

Strategic approach towards better plate technology and optimising cost: What are the challenges of managing plate cost and some insights into sustaining and overcoming the increase in material cost.

Processless plates in newspaper manufacturing - a case study presentation: The user will present the use of processless printing plates and steps to quality and sustainable production. Also, learn if the processless plates address the demands of  increased environmental standards  and is it really eco-friendly.

Newsprint cost: Will the prices soar to new heights or remain stable? What are the expectations and predictions regarding the prices in the coming days? And the changes expected in government regulations 

Indigenous manufacturing of newsprint and sustainable products: The challenges and availability.

Closing keynote: Future of print, strategies that transform print publishing to co-exist with other forms of media.

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