IndiaCorr 2019: Sweden-based Emba educates industry on available technology

Örebro, Sweden-based Emba (Berg Group), highlighted the Indian installations of its EMBA 245 QS Ultima Dual Box by a video presentation during SinoCorrugated-IndiaCorr Expo 2019, held at India Exposition Mart, Greater Noida, from 5 to 7 September 2019.

09 Sep 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

The Emba stall during the show

Chiran Sastry of Emba said during the show, the company gave the visitors an understanding of the advantage of the true non-crush converting technology for increased BCT, FCT values of corrugated box. “Our main goal at the show was to educate the industry on available technology,” Sastry said.

He said the latest trends in corrugation include investments for automated packaging lines and a shift to European machinery from Chinese/ Taiwanese ones.

As for the market, Sastry said multicolour box in flexo technology is the trend while FFG or flexo folder-gluer inline machinery will dominate the converting process of print jobs sooner or later.

Emba develops, manufactures and markets machines for the global corrugated board industry. Based on the patented Ultima technology platform, the machines combine productivity, flexibility and material efficiency.

Founded in 1954 as AB Emballagemaskiner, Emba started its journey as a manufacturer of machinery for semi- and fully-automatic folding and stitching of corrugated packaging. As business became increasingly international, the company started to promote machines under the brand Emba.

Focusing on customer-driven product development and innovation, Emba has introduced several groundbreaking features that have become standards across the industry.