IndiaCorr 2019: Esko announces two deals

Esko India inked to deals for its Kongsberg table and ArtiosCAD 3D software during SinoCorrugated-IndiaCorr Expo 2019, held at India Exposition Mart, Greater Noida, from 5 to 7 September 2019.

09 Sep 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Team Esko with team Azure

Bahadurgarh-based Azure Press has signed a deal for Kongsberg C64 high-end table and software upgrade.

Delhi-based GKW Retail Solutions has opted for ArtiosCAD 3D software and Kongsberg X24 sign production table with MultiCUT-HP Toolhead that consists of 3kW high power milling router as well as cutting and creasing tools for signage, display, POP, FSDU and others. 

Karan Talwar, director sales, South Asia, Esko, said, “Azure is producing superb advertising and marketing material with our table. In a span of two years, it has upgraded to top line of Kongsberg C64 table from existing the Kongsberg table. The Kongsberg C64 is double the size and speed of the existing table.”

This is second such equipment running in India. It comes with all the attachments and every kind of tooling to produce any kind of applications. Now, Azure Press can do anything related to packaging, sign and display, soft signage, corrugated innovative packaging and displays and other applications. The table will be fully functional next month. 

“The company has also have upgraded the software ArtiosCAD and StudioDesigner with some new modules, which comes with top of the line and new library. Thus, Azure is ready to offer the market whatever is required. It’s a complete offering to brand owners,” Talwar added.

Sanjay Nagpal of Azure Press said, “We thought a lot when we bought our first Kongsberg table around two years ago and now this is the so important equipment in our factory that we cannot even think one hour downtime of this machine.”