IndiaCorr 2018: EOC Polymer to introduce water-based adhesive

At the upcoming IndiaCorr Expo 2018, EOC Polymer’s water-based adhesive has a strong appeal for the packaging, corrugation, furniture, and paper tube industry.

17 Sep 2018 | By Amogh Dikshit

As a specialist in making products for honeycomb industry and adhesives for solid board lamination, the water-based adhesive to be showcased by EOC polymer can be widely used in the packaging industry, corrugation industry, furniture industry, honeycomb, and paper tube industry. 

According to EOC Polymer, “We are experts in water-based adhesive. Quality and consistency is what we aim to deliver every time. The biggest advantage is that we are very quick in product development as compared to any other multinational corporation (MNC).”

With its headquarters in Belgium, EOC Polymer is worldwide group engaged in manufacturing of adhesives, specialty lattices, emulsion, surfactants and polyurethane.