Impel debuts Interpack with Stelda random case sealer

Exhibiting at Interpack for the first time, Mumbai-based Impel Services is demonstrating a case sealing machine, which can handle random-sized boxes and seal it either by BOPP tape or hotmelt adhesive or cold glue or a combination of sealing methods.

08 May 2017 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

The USP of the machine, according to P Sajith, director, Impel, is Stelda’s ability to determine the box size on the fly and adjust the machine setting accordingly. “Secondly, we are providing the option of using cold glue in combination with BOPP tape to seal the case. Stelda is probably the first machine to have such a feature.”

One of the visitors at Interpack while speaking to WhatPackaging?, observed that there are several case packing and sealing machines being displayed at the show but Stelda is unique because it provides random sealing without the need of having a barcode printed on the box and secondly none of the case sealers provides cold glue sealing.


(c) Kai Buentemeyer, CEO and MD of Kolbus at the Welbound stall at Interpack 2017

Explaining the significance of cold glue for case sealing, Sajith said, “BOPP tape is the most commonly used method of case sealing. There are few segments which prefer to opt for hotmelt case sealing for its benefits with regards to tamper evidence, package integrity and added safety but because of its relatively an expensive proposition. Now, if you look at cold glue and BOPP tape combination, you not only get all the benefits of hotmelt sealing, but also it is a significantly cheaper method of sealing. It’s best of both the worlds.”

The benefit of the system is that cold glue provides the "best in class" tamper evidence and temperature resistance which according to Sajith is of utmost importance for corrugated cases passing through tough supply chains.

Impel Services has applied for a patent cold glue case sealing. At Interpack, the company has received a lot of interest in this technology from Middle East Asia and India.

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