Imaging Systems installs Acuity EY

Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi-based Imaging Systems has opted for the flatbed wide-format printer Acuity EY from Fujifilm.

08 Jan 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Ajay Kumar Sharma, the founder of Imaging Systems with the new kit

Ajay Kumar Sharma, the founder of Imaging Systems, said, “We invested in the Fujifilm flatbed UV printers to recover our losses from the lockdown. We are using it for in-house work as well as jobs outsourced to us. The Acuity EY gives us the option to print on almost everything so now we provide our clients with a wide range of services with skills and expertise perfected through years of experience in the printing industry. We can print on both flexible and non-flexible, acrylic, wood, blockout signages and other materials. We are getting high quality printing as a result and minimal breakdown.”

Imaging Systems whose expertise features the colour gamut of CMYK with white at 1,200-dpi resolution in printing, expecting around 20% growth with the new investment.

Sharma started his journey in the printing industry with a small space in Kalkaji in 2000 and shifted to Okhla Industrial Area in 2004. In Okhla, he started with digital wide-format printing and diversified into exhibition stalls and fabrication work in 2006.

In 2011, he dropped out of the exhibition business and expanded into the acrylic and wooden display items and printing business. Sharma moved Imaging Systems into a new factory in 2015 and began with an advanced and unique segment of luxury cardboard packaging and gift box manufacturing.

Imaging Systems has three print production and fabrication facilities in Okhla Industrial Area and all work in individual capacities. One facility is dedicated to rigid box manufacturing and two for hard POSM printing. “We allocate the work to each individual facility after receiving job orders,” he said. “We specialise in personalised and luxury rigid box manufacturing. The quality depends on the type of material our customer chooses, from the variety of options we provide, and their willingness to pay/ budget for the material.”

Imaging Systems employs 40 people in the three factories with a combined area of 20,000-sq ft. Sharma was planning for a big factory with 50,000-sq ft area but put it on hold because of the pandemic.