Image Gravures ups capacity with an acquisition and new investments

The Ahmedabad-based company has acquired Lippi Systems, a 25 year old firm in the rotogravure cylinder making industry, doubling its cylinder making capacity to about 5000 cylinders a month. Additionally, it has invested in a polishing machine from Acigraf and a 2200 mm long proofing press.

24 Jan 2022 | By Aultrin Vijay

Anant Patel: "We have been producing 2,500 gravure cylinders per month; after the takeover we have doubled our capacity"

Ahmedabad-based Image Gravures has added new kits to its arsenal to boost its production capacity. The company has invested in new polishing machines from Italy-based Acigraf and a proofing machine, which can generate proofs of width up to 2,200 mm. Image Gravures is promoted by Anant Patel and his son Prit Patel. 

Established in 2010, the company claims that it had "a clear vision to provide quality service and uniqueness to the packaging and specialty embossing market." Last month, the company also acquired the business and machinery of Lippi Systems to fulfil its vision. Lippi started operations in 1996 in Ahmedabad and was promoted by Nandubhai Agarwal and Minesh Shah.

Anant Patel, managing director, Image Gravures, said, "We have been producing around 2,500 gravure cylinders per month and after the takeover we have almost doubled our capacity. We were the first in India to have direct engraving laser machines and are able to produce embossing rollers, too, with direct and indirect laser engraving facility". Patel mentioned that the entire team of Lippi, including Minesh Shah, have joined Image Gravures so the customers get the same service support that they used to get earlier.

Living up to its vision, Image Gravures invested in two direct laser machines in 2016. The company is also said to be the first company to have installed direct laser engravers. Most companies used to import embossing cylinders from Europe or China earlier; Image Gravures has been able to deliver an excellent alternative for companies to source their embossing cylinder requirements locally with faster lead time and good quality.

Image Gravures has 12 electromechanical engravers and two direct laser engravers 

Image Gravures also made substantial improvements in its electronic cylinder manufacturing facility. Between 2010 and 2019, the company gradually expanded from one engraver to six engravers. After receiving good response from the customers, the company added new machinery to strengthen production capacity and service.

In 2019, Image Gravures shifted its operation to a new facility, with an aim for further expansion. The recent investment on a polishing machine from Italy-based machine manufacturer Acigraf gave the company a much-needed boost to its production capacity. The machine was installed in September 2021. Soon after, the company installed a new proofing machine, Anant Patel, said, "The proofing machine was installed and commissioned in January 2021. This will add additional capability to generate proof of up to 2200 mm width. With this addition, Image Gravures will become the only company that can do proofing up to 2.2 metres of width."

Today, with the acquisition of Lippi Systems, Image Gravures has 12 electromechanical engravers – all from Hell Gravures, Germany – and two direct laser engravers – one from Hell Germany and other from DV Optics, Italy. With the combined operations now Image Gravures has offices in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai along with its plant in Ahmedabad.

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