iD Fresh’s innovative coconut packaging

In an effort to bring sustainable solutions to its products, Bengaluru-based iD Fresh Food has launched its Smart Sip Tender Coconut and Grated Coconut in a rather innovative and eco-friendly packaging – a coconut shell.

13 Mar 2020 | By WhatPackaging? Team

PC Musthafa, co-founder and CEO, iD Fresh Food

PC Musthafa , CEO and co-founder of iD Fresh Food, said, “Our 2020 vision is to go green. As a consumer-centric company committed to preserving the tradition of Indian cooking with healthy and fresh ingredients, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce the use of plastic in our product packaging.”

According to a press note shared with WhatPackaging?, with its Grated Coconut offering, iD Fresh offers a healthier alternative to chemically preserved frozen or desiccated coconut that is currently available in the market.

“With the Smart Sip Tender Coconut and Grated Coconut, we have taken baby steps towards a gradual reduction of our plastic waste. Last year, when we launched iD Fresh Organic, we had made the commitment to our consumers to try our best to find more environment-friendly and sustainable solutions. I truly hope that we are able to find better solutions for everyday plastic use, so that we can leave behind a better world for the future generations,” Musthafa added.

With this new offering, by 2022, iD Fresh aims to capture 60-70% of the Rs 4,000-crore organised coconut market, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%.

Smart Sip Tender Coconut

The product comes in a plastic-free packaging - the natural coconut shell, with the outer husk removed to reduce the product weight. The packaging includes a paper straw and plastic-free sticker to be peeled by the consumer before drinking. To scrape out the pulp, there’s a bigger circular groove that can be cut open with ease.iD’s Smart Sip tender coconut is available in three sizes – small, medium and large, priced at Rs 39, Rs 49 and Rs 55 respectively.

Musthafa said, “Our Smart Sip Tender Coconut product empowers customers with valuable information without opening the coconut that was hitherto unavailable to them. It assures 95% accuracy in predicting the water content, pulp, sweetness and total edible quantity, offering consumers a choice to purchase based on their needs. The products are priced based on the edible content and sweetness level.”

“Our grated coconut offers customers a healthier and eco-friendly alternative to frozen grated coconut and frozen desiccated grated coconut options that are laden with preservatives to increase its shelf life. We believe that these unique products will have a strong consumer resonance as we are providing them with a valuable offering vis-à-vis quality, convenience and natural packaging,” added Pavan Kumar, chief business officer, iD Fresh Food.

Over the next three months, both the products will be available at retail outlets as well as at iD Kiosks where consumers can experience and taste the products before making the purchase.

Musthafa added, “There is a huge opportunity when it comes to the coconut industry in India. With increased awareness on health and rising consumer preferences towards natural and healthy food and beverages, we believe iD’s Coconut will disrupt the market and further propel demand for the segment in India. The plan is to introduce the products first in Bengaluru, followed by other key markets including Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, among others. We’re expecting revenue of Rs 100 crores from both the coconut products in the next three years.”

In the next phase of the launch, iD will be empowering the street hawkers selling tender coconut by helping them set up a hygienic cart with a cooler, giving fair price margins and even collecting the waste from them at the end of the day.

iD Fresh Grated Coconut in a Coconut

  • The freshly grated coconut comes in plastic-free packaging - in its natural coconut shell.
  • ​The product is a healthier alternative to chemically preserved frozen or desiccated coconut available in the market.
  • The packaging with the use of the natural coconut shell increases shelf life and maintains its freshness, natural flavour and aroma.
  • The product offers consumers an opportunity to break free from the physical struggles of grating coconut for daily use.
  • iD Fresh Grated Coconut in a Coconut is priced at Rs 60.
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