Hypak, a new contender in flash-spun metamaterial market

A Rs 5,000-crore metamaterial market in India, hitherto dependent on a single supplier, now has an alternative.

06 Aug 2022 | By Aultrin Vijay

Kingwills will supply Hypak in the Indian subcontinent from August 2022

Flash-spun metamaterial has been used extensively in India, due to its physical properties of high strength, water resistance and breathability for a plethora of applications. This market has been growing in double digits in India, even during pandemic years, but has suffered due to supply constraints from the monopoly supplier.

To fill this supply gap, a brand-new flash-spun metamaterial named Hypak has been made available in the Indian market by China-based Kingwills New Materials Company. The Hypak flash-spun metamaterial is manufactured by Kingwills, which has invested into its research and development since 2014. After eight years of extensive research, development, testing and pilots, it has now started scaled production this year.

Kingwills will supply Hypak in the Indian subcontinent from August 2022. The company will continue to invest into the development of a new type of flash-spun metamaterial in alternate chemistry, which will expand the horizon of the new products and applications.

Kwalicon Fabtech, a young company formed by professionals with decades of experience in marketing speciality products, has secured an exclusive partnership agreement with Kingwills for Hypak.

According to the promoter Kwalicon, Hypak has broken the global monopoly on flash-spun technology since the 1950s. “Hypak matches all the properties that make this genre of metamaterial the preferred choice for all the related applications,” it stated in a press note shared with WhatPackaging?. The company claims that with reliable and regular supply of Hypak in India, new R&D efforts for exploring new applications, which had slowed down considerably due to lack of supply, will get a solid boost.

According to Kwalicon, the compact micro pores of Hypak allows gaseous particles to pass through, while its unique non-woven structure blocks water, dust, solid particles, microbes and bacteria from penetrating, thus making Hypak unique. Made from virgin polyethylene polymers, it can be 100% recycled to get second life products both through chemical and mechanical recycling processes, ensuring support to a sustainable and circular economy.

Commenting on the launch of Hypak in India, Mohnish Grewal, director at Kwalicon Fabtech said, “Due to its special performance and extremely difficult manufacturing process, flash-spun metamaterials have always been the top materials in varied applications. We are very excited to partner exclusively for the Indian subcontinent with Kingwills New Materials Company for Hypak.”

“India has huge growth potential in speciality products, where Hypak flash-spun metamaterial will provide consistent high-quality supplies for our customers. We have firm commitments for undisturbed and continuous supply and will effectively close the huge demand gap that currently exists in this market today through the nation-wide distribution network,” he concluded.

Application areas of Hypak
Tags and labels, protective and tamper-proof envelopes, wrist bands, security/education certificates and documents, personal protective equipment (PPE), medical sterile PPE kits for surgeries and epidemic protection, industrial protective equipment, anti-microbial sterile packaging for medical devices, industrial packaging for pharma and non-pharma desiccant pouches, automotive surface protection system, retail car covers, robot covers, protective covers, agriculture mulching, building material for humidity control, and roof covers.