Hybrid Software, Hamillroad team up

Hybrid Software, the developer of innovative productivity tools for label and packaging printing, is excited to announce a strategic partnership to integrate Hamillroad's Bellissima DMS screening solution into its Cloudflow enterprise production workflow.

14 Jun 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The partnership will integrate Hamillroad's Bellissima DMS screening solution into Hybrid Software's Cloudflow enterprise production workflow

The collaboration meets a growing demand for Cloudflow support among Hamillroad’s customers and brings together the best-in-class technologies, offering significant advantages to flexo trade shops and converters.
Cloudflow is a configurable solution that provides fast and effective automation of prepress tasks for more than 1,000 customers worldwide. Hamillroad’s Bellissima DMS is recognised as the leading screening solution for flexography, widely adopted by major brands, trade shops, and converters. The partnership between Hybrid Software and Hamillroad combines these advanced technologies to offer an enhanced solution. 
The seamless integration of Bellissima DMS into Cloudflow will provide users with complete control of Bellissima DMS directly within Cloudflow; the seamless selection between Cloudflow’s built-in conventional screening and Bellissima; access to Bellissima’s next-gen ‘ACE’ surface patterning and intelligent flexo; and full integration with all Cloudflow modules, including ProofScope, Cloudflow’s tool for artwork viewing and approval.
“The integration of Bellissima DMS into Cloudflow aligns with our mission to deliver leadership in software for industrial printing and packaging, fostering long-term mutual partnerships and providing cutting-edge solutions to our customers that will enhance their processes and their business," said Nick De Roeck, president, Hybrid Software.
Pierre Hammond, commercial director, Hamillroad Software, added: "Our customers have been asking for Cloudflow support, and this partnership with Hybrid Software enables us to meet that demand. Together, we are setting new standards in the flexo printing industry.”
The integration is expected to be released in Q3 2024 and will include Hamillroad’s next generation of Bellissima DMS delivering unparalleled screening capabilities, including the highest SID levels on traditional LAMs flexo plates for CMYK, spot colour, and whites; superior image reproduction quality, equivalent to 300-450-lpi; exceptional fade-to-zero smoothness with tone values below traditional 3-10%; and compatibility with UV, solvent, and water-based printing on various manufacturers' LAMs plates, including eco-friendly water-wash plates.