Hubergroup focusses on water-based ink at IndiaCorr

Hubergroup presented its latest water-based ink portfolio with excellent print finish, efficient press performance and eco-friendly formulation that supports sustainable, future-oriented packaging solutions. To ensure the ink grade is available across India, Hubergroup has established four matching centres.

14 Oct 2022 | By Disha Chakraborty

The Hubergroup stall at the IndiaCorr show in Mumbai

Hubergroup Print Solutions engaged at IndiaCorr Expo 2022 - a boutique show for the corrugated packaging industry. At its stand, Hubergroup presented its latest water-based ink portfolio under the Hydro-i brand – the next generation series which replaces the previous series Micro Kraft, Micro Label, and Micro Film for the Indian market.

The WhatPackaging? team met-up with Amit Dammani and Pratip Dey at the Hubergroup stall during the IndiaCorr show.  Amit Dammani, vice president, sales said, "Hydro-i brand is a global brand and has been designed sustainably. It covers a wide range of applications in flexo printing – from corrugated board to premium labels for applications like pharmaceutical bottles, ice-cream cones and beverage bottles and folding cartons."

As a result of careful selection of raw materials, the Hydro-i portfolio incorporates a wide colour gamut and broad field of application with sustainability. The inks have an excellent print finish, efficient press performance, and eco-friendly formulation that supports sustainable, future-oriented packaging solutions.

Huber team during IndiaCorr

In the course of the launch, Hubergroup has also established four colour matching centres across India devoted to water-based products to provide customised solutions and quick service to customers.

Pratip Dey, business head – water-based inks added, "Market is upbeat with its growing demand in the packaging sector of the country, which is further accelerated with the printing shifting from plastic to paper, like in case of shopping bags, e-commerce, cups and sacks. Even in case of high-end offset printing, we are observing lateral shift to water based flexo printing with world class high end machines from Bobst, Ema and the likes. Hubergroup is fully prepared to meet the growing demand of the market and looks forward to working closely with converters and end customers.”

"Sustainability is the central issue for us as well as for our customers," Dammani said, "Thanks to the research and development work, we were able to announce several success stories over the past two years." Besides, Hubergroup offers a Cradle to Cradle Material Health Gold certified portfolio for commercial and packaging offset printing and its UV inks have received deinking certificates.

Suresh Kalra - managing director, India and president Asia at Hubergroup, said, "The IndiaCorr Expo 2022 gave us the opportunity to showcase our water-based ink portfolio with a new and stronger - globally connected brand in which our experts in India and Germany have put a lot of research work."