HP launches Indigo 7900 globally

HP has launched photo version of its HP Indigo 7900 digital printing press at PrintPack. The new version uses special effect inks — fluorescent pink, invisible red, light black, light light black, light cyan and magenta and white.

07 Feb 2017 | By Rahul Kumar

A Appadurai of HP India said it is the global launch of the photo version of Indigo 7900. “We have installed around 80 Indigos since PrintPack 2015 and our installation base has grown around 30%. The exhibition has been always a great show in terms of serious buyers,” said Appadurai.

He said nowadays printers have to become a marketing service provider instead of print service provider. Try to add value without dropping price, Appadurai suggested.

HP India has displaying HP Indigo 7900 photo version and 12000 digital printing presses at the show, upgraded version of 10000.

According to Durai, HP Indigo 7900 photo version is equipped with super fine blanket to make images fine, altered ink unit and loaded with operating software. “We have launched speciality printing ink, LLK-light light black for this machine. Now, the machine put multiple dots instead of one big dot so the image could be printed more deep and rich. It put quality of photo up to entirely different level,” said Appadurai.