HP launches 3D printers in India

HP India announced the commercial availability of its ‘Multi Jet Fusion’ (MJF) 3D printing solution in India.

19 Jan 2018 | By Sriraam Selvam

“We believe that digital transformation of manufacturing will be a key enabler of the next industrial revolution,” said Sumeer Chandra, managing director, HP India.

“3D printing will contribute to democratising manufacturing and transforming industries, including the $6 trillion Asia-Pacific and Japan manufacturing segment. India is a strategic hub for this significant shift and we are excited to bring the cutting-edge Multi Jet Fusion technology to Indian customers across a variety of vertical markets,” added Chandra.

According to HP, ‘MJF 3D printing solution is a production-ready commercial 3D printing system that is said to deliver superior-quality physical parts up to 10 times faster and at half the cost of current 3D printing systems.’

“India’s strength in value-added engineering, supported by the Government’s push on local manufacturing and adoption of digital technologies, presents an opportunity for India to benefit from Industry 4.0 transformation,” said Chandra. “HP has been committed to creating technology that advances lives and businesses across India. With HP’s MJF 3D printing solution, we will support India’s transformation and enable local businesses to adopt best-in-class manufacturing technologies,” he added.             

HP also announced Imaginarium and Adroitec as resellers of its 3D printing solution in the country who are expected to be part of customer deployments to enablement of new applications.

HP is also said to be driving the expansion of 3D printing materials and helping lower costs with its ‘Open Platform’ for materials development.  The Open Materials Platform approach has more than 50 companies actively engaged, including Arkema, BASF, Dow Chemical, Dressler, DSM, Evonik, Henkel, Lehmann & Voss, Lubrizol and Sinopec Yanshan Petrochemical Company.

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