How Ludhiana’s Gee7 Printek found a market online

This is a story how Ludhiana-based photobooks printer Gee7 Printek turned an adversity into an opportunity, thus employing digital marketing strategy when the Covid crisis forced them to halt all physical promotional activities.

29 Oct 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

A screengrab of the Gee7 Printek website

January 2020 was the last time Gee7 participated in any photo fair and exhibition. During the lockdown, there was no B2B and physical marketing activity, which brought the marketing and business development activities at Gee7 Printek to a halt. Without marketing activities and with the ban on gatherings at weddings, photobooks volumes were coming down.

It was then Gee7 directors Kulbhusan Luther and Kuldeep Singh took the decision to move towards digital marketing, and roped in Dezmark Communications as the digital marketing agency.

Dehi-based Dezmark Communication planned all the digital media buying, planning and marketing communication strategies for Gee7 Printek and took them on the path of success through online marketing.

And the result is for everyone to see. Since moving to online marketing, the company has received more than 5,000 leads on its website. It has also reduced the company’s offline cost dramatically and without any travelling efforts, the company is able to generate enquiries and leads via its new website.

Kulbhusan Luther said, “Digital marketing for the B2B business is all about selecting the right audience to show your ads and collecting leads, and Dezmark Communication has done it job for us.

The strategy involves a mix set and ad campaigning of organic leads, Google ads, Youtube ads, display ads and Facebook marketing solution, which gives fruitful results and leads to Gee7 Printek with the precise audience targeting on digital mediums.

In the last six months, the company advertisement was shown to more than five lakh photography audiences across google ads network, including Youtube.

Vishal Luther added, “Every business needs to move to digital platforms or sooner or later and photobooks and album manufacturers are no exception. We realised the importance of digital marketing after our campaign and project with Dezmark Communications.

Dezmark developed a custom-built solution for photolab owners, printers and packaging converters. The consultancy includes finding the right strategy for the individual business and then finding the right target audience for printed products.

The company offers B2B solution for lead generation and D2C option for the eCommerce print business.

Kuldeep Singh said, “I believe there is a right partnership in every business, be it a supplier, a dealer or a digital marketing agency. We are happy and satisfied with Dezmark Communication services.”

He added, “The digital marketing has not only fuelled our growth but has guided us to take our wedding album business online for our B2B consumers. The sheer quality of work from the marketing and website design team is phenomenal. We had not expected such excellent results and growth from website and digital marketing.”

Located in Ludhiana and serving pan-India, Gee7 Printek is known for its quality and manufacturing, with equipment such as HP Indigo digital printing machines and Scodix embellishment machine. The company offers the general and premium photobook to the photolab owners and Photographers.

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