Heidelberg rolls out more cloud services

Heidelberg has opened up access to the cloud-based Zaikio procurement platform and has also launched its Maintenance Manager service in the UK. According to the company, the Zaikio development was a “further milestone” on Heidelberg’s route to becoming a platform provider.

05 Apr 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

The system is free for printers and allows firms to establish an automated link with a range of suppliers

Zaikio is a cloud-based system that connects multiple software solutions and systems together. After a test phase, Heidelberg is now opening up Zaikio Procurement to any printer that wants to connect.

The system is free for printers and allows firms to establish an automated link with a range of suppliers. Alongside Heidelberg’s own Prinect Business Manager, the participating MIS vendors are Keyline, Printplus, Printvis, Datamedia, Ultraxx, and EPMS.

“In the future, this means print shops will be able to access the ranges of suppliers such as Sappi or Metapaper and place orders directly from their MIS, once it has been networked with Zaikio,” Heidelberg stated.

Matthias Prinz, Zaikio managing director and head of user experience, commented: “With Zaikio, print service providers can now access the portfolios of a growing number of suppliers direct from their MIS in an automated process, which means they benefit from maximum transparency and needs-based supplies. It goes without saying that this also works to the advantage of MIS providers and suppliers, who can massively improve their level of service.”

Heidelberg has also launched its Maintenance Manager service, also cloud-based, as part of its contract model. It described the system as “almost completely digitising the maintenance process”, with the promise of increased uptime and reduced stoppages.

Heidelberg UK managing director Ryan Miles said, “Maintenance Manager is another innovative step in the digitisation of our service platforms. It’s an easy-to-use cloud-based application that replaces paper-based maintenance manuals and it will save our customers time, money, simplify processes and will ultimately contribute to improving their press OEE. We are in the process of launching it in our market and are encouraged by the huge numbers of customer interest. We therefore expect a fast take up of the solution.”

(Courtesy: PrintWeek.com)