HB Fuller launches real-time data-analytics service for books and magazines

HB Fuller has launched FullVision Equipment and Data-Analytics Consulting Service for bookbinding, the first on-demand quality assurance tool for softcover books and magazines manufacturers. FullVision is an industry-breakthrough digital platform for bindery quality control designed to improve efficiency, optimise production, and control costs.

05 Jun 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

FullVision is a digital platform for bindery quality control

Deviation from the targeted spine adhesive application rate can go unnoticed for hours and result in waste accumulation, lost time, additional rework, and customer claims. The industry average for just two hours of rework on one production line can cost binderies up to USD 12,000 in book waste and labour.

“With the rise of digitisation and big data, manufacturers are often challenged with the lack of time and resources to collect and make sense of large quantities of data coming from the business and operations,” said Garrett Price, global market segment leader for graphic arts at HB Fuller. “And since spine adhesive application is essential in the bookbinding process, our team of experts uncovered an innovative way to monitor and capture critical data using our new proprietary FullVision platform. From those analysis, we can now create at-a-glance data reports to help our customers track against industry benchmarks, mitigate operating costs and improve product quality and line productivity.”

Once installed on a bookbinding line, the FullVision web-based equipment will gather data on adhesive use and alert the operator of an issue in real-time. Binderies can leverage this custom-designed software to ensure spine-to-cover adhesion meets the bindery’s quality standards and also instantly identify a variance to ensure a quick response, helping them avoid quality issues and book waste. In addition, HB Fuller analysts are available to help interpret reports and provide actionable, value-added recommendations for improvements of adhesive application on the customer production lines.

In summary, FullVision equipment and data analytics programme allow binderies to:

  • Gain insight into valuable real-time data to make adhesive application adjustments instantly and help train operators for better quality control
  • View historical, in-depth custom reports to identify long-term adhesive consumption and production patterns over time, and realize improvements in quality control
  • Determine optimal adhesive specification for your softcover spine-to-cover binding quality while improving employee accountability
  • Reduce shifting covers, nail-heading, poor flexibility, and trimming issues that create rework and book waste
  • Reduce costly book returns due to spine failure
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