HB Fuller develops sustainable adhesive

In support of increased sustainable packaging demands, HB Fuller, in collaboration with major European industrial companies, has just announced an advanced solution with a proven reduced environmental footprint for converters.

29 Nov 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

The new HB Fuller adhesive comes with two different curative options

“Sustainability is inevitable and here to stay, and so is the transition to a true circular economy. This can only be achieved if everyone does their share. Therefore, we have partnered with experts along the value chain like Erema, Muraplast, SIT Group and AMB to design and build an advanced-performance pouch, designed with recyclability in mind,” Catarina Moura, HB Fuller marketing leader for Flexible Packaging in Europe.

Due to the innovative capabilities of the Flextra Evolution solvent-free for flexible packaging, converters can now use mechanically recycled PE granulates or film in their production lines, without compromising performance. The company were able to successfully apply 100% of mechanically recycled material in monolayer PE and 50% in multilayer PE materials, both on a laboratory and industrial scale, with benefits spanning from preserved quality to reduced waste and increased recyclability. 

The new HB Fuller adhesive comes with two different curative options, which enables a wide spectrum of bonding materials and achieves superior manufacturing performance.

“Adhesives are only a small fraction of flexible packaging structures, but that doesn't mean they can't be an essential part of the industry solution to address climate change and plastic waste. We're thrilled at the opportunity to help packaging manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint through mechanical recycling, while also ensuring that the final packaged goods stay intact throughout their shelf life, thanks to the strong adhesion properties of our new product,” Moura, added.

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