Guwahati's City Offset invests in Ricoh

Guwahati-based City Offset has strategically pushed its digital printing boundaries with the purchase of a new Ricoh Pro C7200x digital colour production press from Monotech Systems.

29 Mar 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Mrinal Chatterjee with Ricoh Pro C7200x

Based out of Adabari in Guwahati, City Offset has been a cosy printing corner for customers from different market domains as well as industrial clusters over the last couple of decades. 

“Geographically, we are pretty much confined in Guwahati. However, some of our clients come from other cities and towns of Assam as well as some neighbouring North-Eastern states,” Mrinal Chatterjee, proprietor, City Offset, said, adding, “We always attempt to please our customers with complete end-to-end printing solutions using diverse technologies, so is why we have added the Ricoh Pro C7200x to our machine portfolio.”

The machine portfolio of City Offset consists of a line of mini offset presses, digital multifunction printers, and others. “When it comes to digital printing, we used to run a digital production press from another brand. After we brought home the new Ricoh Pro C7200x, we are relying on this press for every digital task and it has been amazing to intensify digital printing to a whole new level, redefining both quality and productivity,” Chatterjee said. 

He added that the new Ricoh digital press has whole new features to further explore and exploit.

“The Ricoh Pro C7200x is a cutting-edge digital colour production press of its kind we have ever owned or installed in our production facility. Advanced features like the fifth colour station in this production press are what we have to further explore for going beyond the basic CMYK printing. Likewise, this colour digital production press has many other unconventional features paramount to productivity and flexibility. Speed and print resolution of this digital press stand apart,” he explained.

Featuring the fifth colour station, the Ricoh Pro C7200x can pull off vivid colour printing as closely comparable to offset quality. This station is designed for printing neon colours for a high-impact blend with the usual CMYK. “In the first place, we were impressed with all these outstanding advancements and features of this Ricoh digital colour production press,” Chatterjee said, adding that they are now rolling up their sleeves to pave a new avenue for a host of new customers who would surely be amazed by the print outputs and capability of the Ricoh Pro C7200x.

The Ricoh Pro C7200x can produce exceptional print detail in the industry’s leading resolution of 2,400×4,800-dpi on a broad range of light and heavyweight stocks up to 360-gsm. “We are now capable of improving print quality and speed following the purchase of this Ricoh digital production press from Monotech Systems,” Chatterjee said. 

Backed by a team of more than 25 printing staff, which include graphic designers, DTP operators, machine men and others, City Offset is optimistic to determine what it can offer to its customers on the digital front using the new Ricoh Pro C7200x.