Green Packaging Showroom highlights EB solutions flexible packaging

Approximately 1,000 people attended the Green Packaging Showroom, an event organized by Comexi and leading companies of the flexible packaging industry. The event presented the technological advantages of printing with offset or flexo Electron Beam curable inks, and its use in a wide range of flexible packaging applications.

18 Mar 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

The benefits of EB flexo and EB offset printing technologies were disclosed at the event

“In partnership with SP Group, Elif, Chemosvit, Amcor, Vishal Containers, ESI, Sun Chemical, INX International, Dow, ExxonMobil, and Toray, we have shown brand owners the benefits that can be obtained by using EB printing technologies,” said Felip Ferrer, the offset brand manager of Comexi’s printing business unit.

“Inviting brand owners to explore the way in which sustainable packaging can be sustainably created while adding value to their products was the objective of the Green Packaging Showroom,” Jordi Puig, the flexo brand manager of Comexi’s printing business unit, said.

During the event, various partners showcased their innovative solutions and presented, with real examples of flexible packaging, sustainable trends and solutions. The benefits of EB flexo and EB offset printing technologies were also disclosed at the event, and issues related to print quality and energy reduction of the printing process were addressed. These issues included EB inks, EB curing, packaging recyclability through the use of thinner films, monomaterials and reduction of layers, as well as a global scale reduction of the carbon footprint.