Green awareness to help biodegradable bottles packaging market

According to a report released by Transparency Market Research, growing awareness of environmental protection among individuals will help the market for biodegradable bottles packaging to flourish. The report said, one of the key reasons for launching packaging for biodegradable bottles is to eliminate single-use plastic bottles. Also, the biodegradable bottles packaging consist of organic content that allows the bottle to decompose in less than a hundred days without leaving any carbon footprints.

16 Jun 2021 | By WhatPackaging? Team

F&B companies have increased focus on adopting biodegradable bottles packaging 

The report highlighted that the use of biodegradable bottles packaging materials has increased significantly with the growth in the eCommerce industry. Biodegradable bottles are used for the packaging of beverages, personal care products, pharmaceuticals and others. However, as a growing number of companies in the biodegradable bottles packaging sector are rethinking their packaging strategies, as the beverage industry is growing significantly, this would raise the demand for biodegradable bottles packaging.

The biodegradable bottles packaging is an environmentally friendly product that does not release any carbon at the time of production. Increasing awareness of the harmful impact of plastic packaging materials on the ecosystem and the environment will drive the global market for biodegradable bottles packaging. Beautiful clear plastic water bottles, however, are part of marketing and a key restraint for biodegradable bottles packaging, which may hinder the growth of the demand for biodegradable bottles packaging.

With the growing food and beverage industries, it is expected that food and beverages companies will adopt biodegradable bottles packaging for products, such as juice, milk and other household products, which will act as an opportunity for the biodegradable bottles packaging market. Growing population, stringent government legislation, and innovation of technology in biodegradable bottles packaging are among the industry developments.

Post-Covid-19, end-users are more concerned with personal hygiene, safe food practices, with the growth of online grocery stores and food, fruits and vegetables, milk products and door-step distribution of beverages having a positive effect on the demand for biodegradable bottles packaging. Biodegradable bottles packaging producers are facing challenges after the pandemic due to a delay in production and less supply of raw material, but the operation is back in the process after the latest legislation and demonstrates a substantial increase in the demand for biodegradable bottles packaging.

Demand for packaged dairy, beverages and the practice of bulk shopping of products is increasing in Europe, with the aid of this packaging, it extends shelf life and acts as a fuel to the market for biodegradable bottles packaging. Due to moderate demand from small and mid-size enterprises in the region, North America has a steady market. Government rules and regulations concerning the use of plastic packaging have a positive impact on the market of biodegradable bottles packaging. Due to the growing eCommerce industry, the Asia Pacific market has the largest growth, offering demand for the biodegradable bottles packaging market.

For details visit: Transparency Market Research.