Grafica highlights stop cylinder screen press at Pamex

Vasai-based manufacturer of screen printing and allied machinery, Grafica Flextronica has showcased its stop cylinder screen press and nano series of screen printing machines at the show.

19 Dec 2017 | By Priya Raju

Shripad Bhat of Grafica Flexotronica, said, "What makes the stop cylinder press unique is the pneumatic squeezee fitted with a sensor which ensures that the there is accuracy and even layer of print."
According to Bhat, "The stop cylinder press delivers the most accurate registration than a swing cylinder principle and guarantees accurate output even at full speed."
The machine can print at a speed of up to 3,000 impressions per hour and has a maximum print area of up to 28x40-inch.
The machine has been installed at Mumbai-based Noble Printing Press. Bhat added, "All our machines can prove a great value-add for all the packaging converters to create effects such as a watermark, textured varnishes, among others ."