GMG proofing goes mobile

GMG has introduced a browser-based proofing application, GMG ColorProof GO, which can be accessed even from smartphones.

14 Aug 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

GMG has targeted professional users with the latest release

Colour management software solutions provider GMG has taken proofing to another level with the launch of GMG ColorProof GO – a platform-independent, browser-based proofing application that can enable users to run and manage proof jobs from anywhere and at any time.

With the new release, GMG has targeted professional users who are looking for maximum flexibility control and increased productivity. "Multiple proof locations are a typical scenario, as well as mobile working and the trend towards working from home reinforce the relevance of GMG ColorProof GO," the company mentioned in a press note shared with PrintWeek.

According to GMG, ColorProof GO scores high with its intuitive user interface. "To start a job, you simply drag and drop the file into the appropriate drop zone – that's it."

With GMG ColorProof GO, all connected proof systems are conveniently controlled and managed via a web browser. Even a device recalibration can be done remotely from any workstation or your smartphone. The mere possibility of being able to check the status of a proof job remotely is reassuring for users and provides process control.

GMG claimed that the flexibility of ColorProof GO also makes sense in a company with only one location." Every workstation, whether Mac or PC, can now be used to run and manage proof jobs. No need for an operator to walk to the proofing room where traditionally the proof workstation and the proofer would be found," the company stated.

New users can be added to the GMG ColorProof GO network via email and their roles can be assigned individually. This is said to save a lot of time and increase productivity. "GMG solutions are designed to cope in a busy production environment. If several users want to access the same proofing system simultaneously, GMG ColorProof GO will comfortably and reliably handle the workload," it stated.