The new GMG OpenColor provides innovative colour separation for Photoshop and PACKZ

GMG, one of the big brands in colour management software solutions, has announced the release of GMG OpenColor, its profiling software.

30 Jan 2017 | By Priya Raju

Readers of PrintWeek India will recall, that the OpenColor software was originally launched in 2014. When we spoke to Das Damodaran, the technical sales manager at Percept Printing Solutions, he said, “Before the application was for proofing. It was not for the separations. This gradually evolved to CMYK separations initially, then to multichannel as well.”

Das added, “The base engine for the proofing is same, but again the newer version will have options for measuring the data and building characterization in same module, measurements can be exported to use in a remote site/ capacity to include the post print features etc.”

The Uflex factories in Noida and Jammu use the version where CMYK separation can be handled in Photoshop.

The highlight of GMG OpenColor 2.0.6 is the ability to create and deliver best-quality separation and preview profiles to Adobe Photoshop and PACKZ from HYBRID Software. For existing customers of OpenColor, the latest version offers a new function to calculate separations in a very flexible and convenient way via rules that can be applied to whole spot colour libraries for calculating the best matches for the separation.

Das agreed that the new OpenColor will be “really helpful for all packaging domains in terms of both proofing and separation application.”

He said, “Moreover due to its ability to impart device link technology for the separation will result in enhancing the level of operational standards to an advanced level within the pre-press. The dilemma at print houses in the amendment of channels in artworks because of their practical limitations in number of print units can be completely avoided using OpenColor proof predictions.”

The Percept team in India is conducting beta version tests across different domains since they expect Indian firms to leverage the big changes from the present workflow, soon.

When asked how so, Das said, “There is no profiling method in industry which can directly use the spectral data for it’s profile calculations other than the GMG’s patented OpenColor technology, which assures accuracy.”

The Percept team will be available during PrintPack India 2017 at the Arden stall.

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