GMG launches new proof media for publication printing

Colour management software solutions provider GMG has launched its new GMG ProofMedia studio OBA semiMatte 200 proofing paper, especially designed for publication printing.

22 Nov 2019 | By Aultrin Vijay

The substrate, according to the company, is suited for proofing of products printed on coated material containing optical brightening agents (OBAs) such as magazines, brochures and packaging.

OBA’s are used to enhance the aesthetics and strengthen polymer properties in packaging and commercial products.

According to a press note shared with PrintWeek, the proofing substrate aligns smoothly with thickness and coating of typical production papers in publication printing due to its light grammage, flat-matte surface texture, and a slight gloss. “GMG has produced a proof media qualified for all application fields within FOGRA 51,” the note stated.

The proofing paper will be made available for orders from 1 December 2019. The media will be available in rolls of 35 metre length and widths of 17, 24, and 44-inches. Software support would be available with GMG’s ColorProof 5.11.2 and OpenColor 2.3.