GMG Colorcard clinches three honours in two months

GMG Colorcard has received the Printing United Alliance 2020 Product of the Year Award, Software- Colour Enhancement, its third honor in two months

21 Oct 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

GMG Colorcard received two similar recognition in September for its “innovative solution”

Colour management company GMG has announced that its cloud-based software solution Colorcard has won a 2020 Printing United Alliance Product of the Year award in the Software - Colour Enhancement category. The latest award joins the 2020 InterTech Technology Award and the 2020 Label Industry Global Award for Innovation for companies with up to 300 employees.

For non-output categories, Product of the Year entries were scored by a panel of judges, all experts within their respective realm of the printing industry. The judges worked to identify the best products, many submitted in highly saturated categories.

Rainer Schmitt, head of strategy and product management at GMG said, “When GMG develops new products, we always looks for new, influential applications where we can make life easier for anyone in the graphics production supply chain. What is exciting for us is that GMG Colorcard has now received honours from three different industry ’groups’, with focus in labels, general print, and the Product of the Year Award, Software - Color Enhancement, with a legacy in digital print. We are happy, once again, that GMG Colorcard is recognised for digitising the colour workflow in the ink kitchen, making it faster, more repeatable, and very economical.”

According to GMG, the Colorcard software solution helps brands identify how well their colours will match on press because different substrates and printing processes require different ink recipes to achieve the same brand colour. 

GMG’s Colorcard is a cloud-based software solution to digitally create and print colour cards as visual ink colour references based on spectral technology. According to GMG, it produces cards with just a few clicks in about three minutes, has digital precision and repeatability, and does not require special expertise.

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