Global retail-ready packaging market to cross USD 85-billion by 2028

The retail-ready packaging industry is expected to be at the cusp of commendable expansion in the coming years, on account of the various approaches essayed by product marketers for reducing the carbon footprint and operational costs to make their offerings appealing on the store floor. In the recent past, a large number of retailers have turned to measures that cut down on labour, which include finding products in stock, disposing of the leftover packaging and displaying them. The limitations of traditional retail packaging for suppliers, retailers, brands, and consumers will act as positively impacting factors for the market growth.

28 Feb 2022 | By WhatPackaging? Team

The usage of corrugated paper boxes in retail ready packaging is anticipated to soar

A recent research report has stated that the global retail-ready packaging market size will cross USD 85-billion by 2028.

Retail-ready packaging, also called shelf-ready packaging, is garnering immense preference as it brings simplicity to retailers with regards to selling products. It offers the ease of stocking retail shelves and store floors as the handling requirements are reduced. This type of packaging enhances the suppliers’ positioning as well as visibility at the store level, thereby increasing the chance for sales. It also improves customer shopping experiences by facilitating easy shelf to shopping cart transition.

The usage of corrugated paper boxes in retail ready packaging is anticipated to soar in the rising time, mainly ascribing to their higher utility across food and beverage manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, and fishing and paper production.

According to estimates, the food manufacturing industry consumes around 31% of corrugated box manufacturing products. These boxes are durable enough for withstanding the standard shipping processes and allow printing on the exterior materials. Furthermore, modern corrugated paper boards can be accessed in different color varieties, box designs and graphics options.

Retail-ready packaging systems will call for prolific demand across the food sector on account of the greater usage of corrugated boxes for safely transporting products as well as purchases to the retail stores and front doors. The shortcomings of traditional brown shippers in yielding more efficient in-store operations and enhanced retail presentation have stirred the adoption of various packaging solutions for fruits and vegetables, and meat and poultry.

Lately, cardboard packaging has gained lucrative demand for protecting, storing and transporting food and drinks sustainably till they reach the end-user. The growing intake of dairy products, such as milk, cheese and butter will favor the adoption of single-piece packaging units produced from grass corrugated cardboards. As per the USDA (US Department of Agriculture), the per capita consumption of butter reached 6.3 pounds per person in the US in 2020.

To summarise, the presence of retail-ready packaging is spiraling across various industries, like beverages, cosmetic and personal care, and pharmaceuticals as it compels brands to take up a holistic approach. It offers quick and easy loading, subsequently helping companies to avoid stock-outs. The deployment of these packaging solutions also ensures decreased packaging waste while amplifying the presentation of the products.

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