Gautham Pai: We are planning for a zero revenue situation

With the industry under lockdown, PrintWeek asks Gautham Pai, chairman and managing director, Manipal Technologies about how the company is dealing with the situation.

30 Mar 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Gautham Pai

What has been the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on your business thus far?

Other than technical support, we are completely shut down.

In the short term, how are you assessing the risks and planning for the possible impact?

We are planning for a zero revenue/ minimum cash inflow situation.

Some businesses have acted, asking staff to work from home, doing daily temperature checks, distributing critical tasks across offices, and restricting travel. What steps have you undertaken?

While our support and technology staff is working from home, all manufacturing activities have been shut down. We used to conduct temperature checks before plants were shut down. We also had restricted any elderly people from coming to work.

How is your company staying in touch with your partners/ customers?

Through videoconferencing and phone.

Do you invest in health care, and is there a robust system in place?

We have implemented process and policies for prevention and medical support to all our employees.

Confluence of creativity and technology will be the key to crafting a successful future in print. One creative print project which can make a difference?

In this uncertain time, we are focusing on sustaining. 

One suggestion for the government?

The government will need to find ways to help businesses financially beyond allowing banks to defer interest and repayment if a significant portion of print industry has to survive this crisis.