Gartex 2019: Grafica showcases direct-to-garment screen printing machine

Mumbai-based manufacturer of screen printing machines, Grafica Flextronica, demonstrated its six-colour, 10-pallet direct-to-garment textile screen printing machine along with its flatbed screen printing machines to print transfers stickers and labels during Gartex Texprocess held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 10 to 12 August 2019.

30 Aug 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

According to Bhagava Mistry of Grafica Flextronica, while India has to improve a lot in process and standardisation in printing techniques, printers in the garment industry only looks towards automation, but do not really work on colour management. “This need improvement,” said Mistry. “Even basic screen-making is also not well organised and needs improvement.”

Explaining the scope of improvement within the textile printing industry, Mistry said while importance is given to printing machines, experience and knowledge on textile printing should be given equal importance. He offered a breakdown. “A textile printer should give 40% importance on designing, separation and colour management; 40% on screen-making; 10% on quality inks and 10% on machines and automation,” he said, adding, “However, in today's scenario, 99% importance is given on printing machines.”

Mistry said the main reason this is lack of proper education and expertise. “In textile industry, especially in printing, there a huge demand of skilled labour but if you look the other way round, actually there is a huge shortage of skilled labour.

He explained, “If you go printing factories, you will notice that they really need people skilled manpower.

On the latest trends in textile printing, Mistry added, “Value addition and simplicity in printing is what I see new in textile printing.”