Gallus RCS 430 and ECS 340 presses get a leg up

At the Gallus Innovation Days held from 26-28 June 2018 at St Gallen, Switzerland, Gallus unveiled useful features to two of its successful flexo presses.

04 Jul 2018 | By Noel D'Cunha

The RCS 430 is now equipped with a flying imprint process which enables fast job changes from flexographic printing unit to flexographic printing unit at top speed. "The end-to-end automation now ensured extremely short job changeover times and minimum paper waste, which delivers optimum operational cost-efficiency," said Christof Naier, CEO at Gallus.

Introduced ten years ago, the RCS is Gallus' high-end, modular designed flexo press laced with automatic features. The latest update also includes a reduced web path by 15%. Over 200 RCS flexo presses have been installed world over.

Gallus' top selling machine has been the ECS 340. The short web path machine has nearly 500 installations worldwide. 

Gallus ECS 340: Can produce multi-layer labels with its web shifting feature

New on the Gallus ECS 340 is the ability to print multilayer labels. A new flexo unit, which can be retrofitted to existing ECS 340 presses can produce multi-layer labels, with its web shifting feature. "When it is not being used to produce multilayer labels, it can be used as an additional printing unit too," said Samir Patkar, regional sales head – Asia for Gallus. "This proves that the Gallus ECS 340 has everything it needs to produce a variety of different labels."

Another highlight at the Gallus Innovation Days included the improvements in the Gallus Screeny. The data of the Screeny A-Line screen plate used are read by a scanner and then used together with the live data of the press. "During the printing process, the live data of the screen printing process can then be shown online," said Naier. 

In addition, the complete manufacturing process of a Screeny A-Line printing plate was shown. The automatic wash-out system from Gallus and the new Phoenix UV-LED direct platesetter from Heidelberg produced plate which was used for the live demonstrations on the Gallus Labelmaster Advanced in the Print Media Center Label.