Gallus introduces Smartfire, a new entry-level digital label press

Gallus has unveiled a new digital label press, Smartfire during its Innovation Days held at Gallus' headquarters in St Gallen, Switzerland.

04 Jul 2018 | By Noel D'Cunha

The three days of the show held from 26-28 June saw over 300 visitors on all the three days of the show.

Describing digital print market's development in three different segments – professional, peak and value, Michael Ring, head of digital solutions at Gallus, said, the Smartfire is an easy, simple smart solution for the value segment. "It's a starter model for digital narrow web label printing aimed at ultra-short runs of under 300 meters. With the Gallus Smartfire, we are also focussing on new target groups who are looking for a smart entry into digital label printing."

The Smartfire operates at 1600x1600dpi and is powered by the Memjet technology print heads, so it's a water-based system. The 240mm wide digital press can print at a maximum width of 220, and at a maximum speed of 9-metre in the high definition mode. At lower resolutions, the device is capable of higher speeds up to 18 metres per minute.

The CMYK four-colour inkjet label press is driven by Caldera's raster image processor (RIP) which Ring said is a "bundle of pre-press module, which even a novice can use". 

The Gallus Smartfire incorporates an inline converting system comprising of a plotter, a semi-rotary die-cutting unit, a matrix removal and rewind system. "In the value segment, most of the digital presses come with an unwind and rewind units. One of the missing features on these systems is the inline converting. We have addressed this void in the market," said Ring. "It's a press which delivers finished die-cut labels, all produced in one pass and ready for shipping on the reel."

The Smartfire can print on substrates like PP, PE, as well as paper, semi-gloss as well as matte finishes, but for anything clear, it will need an under coat. Stephan Plenz, member of the board digital technology at Heidelberg, explained that there are many applications where you print seven-colour or white. Labelfire is the tool for such applications. "Smartfire is complementary to our Gallus Labelfire. It's for the ultra-short runs and on top for a new setup in many business fields like in-plants and others," said Plenz.

Gallus will be shipping the Smartfire in September at an estimated price of Euro 150,000. "With the new kit, we are setting a new operating cost ratio - ink for this device will cost under Euro 200 a litre," Ring said, adding, "We are taking orders today."

Gallus Smartfire: Digital narrow web label print kit aimed at ultra-short runs of under 300 meters