Galaxy handles three-ply corrugated cartons with DGM Technofold 1100PC

Manesar-based Galaxy Offset India has opted for a DGM Technofold 1100PC folder-gluer to cater to its three-ply jobs. Vikas Gulati, director, Galaxy Offset, said, “We were aware of DGM products and its performance, but due to the non-availability of proper representation in India, we never went for it earlier. With the formation of DGM India, along with its production site and demo centre in Noida, under the leadership of Puneet Aggarwal, gave us the confidence and we opted for the folder-gluer. In fact, we have done proper comparison between all available solutions in the market for folder-gluers dedicated to corrugated cartons and found that DGM Technofold 1100PC has all the features available in the market to run and control three-ply and solid board cartons. So we went with DGM.”

25 May 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Vikas Gulati, director, Galaxy Offset

Technofold folder gluer is designed to run maximum speed of 300-m/min with solid board ranging from 170-gsm to 800-gsm and three-ply litho-laminated cartons up to 20-mm folded thickness.

Established in 1992, a commercial, books and packaging printer, Galaxy is a first generation printing company started by Amit Gulati, one of the Gulati brothers. Right now, the Gulati trio – Aman, Amit and Vikas run the business under guidance of their father Satish Gulati. Aman Gulati handles finance and purchase; Amit Gulati handles sales and marketing; and Vikas Gulati handles planning and production for all production units.

In 2012, Galaxy diversified into packaging printing in Manesar. Gulati said the diversification was a game-changer and later, the company brought its production under one roof in Manesar.

“Continuing our pace in packaging, we started another factory in Manesar dedicated to three-ply and five-ply offset laminated micro-fluted packaging and became a one-stop printing and packaging solution provider to our customers. Yes, every day we are getting new packaging demand related to design, structure and legal compliances, etc,” Vikas Gulati said.

He said in the company’s solid board packaging plant, it has many automatic machines for post-press but was not successfully able to handle three-ply corrugated cartons on them. Prior to investing in the DGM kit, the production of three-ply cartons was a mix of automatic and manual. But, now with the DGM folder-gluer 100% of the company’s corrugated jobs are running on it, even complicated jobs too.

Gulati said no doubt packaging is a growing business but with reducing margin. On the other hand, capital involvement is too high. “So in this situation, we have to be cautious in our investments and have to avoid luxury on cost of profits,” he said. “We have to keep investing in technology to keep ourselves ahead of competition, especially in packaging, every process needs a machine and we have to keep investing every year to match the pace of industry requirement. In tune to the same, the deal went smoothly with on-time delivery, installation and training all done professionally.”

He said earlier the company was running most of its fluted jobs manually or if on a machine, the quality was not acceptable. “In short, we needed to have quality with productivity, which we have achieved with the installation of the DGM folder-gluer. It is hard to evaluate our growth and ROI in present scenario, but of course, we can tell you that the investment in the DGM product is one of our successful investments and the support of the DGM team is extremely helpful to fight against current economic situation.”