Fredrick John: Embracing eCommerce a key trend for packaging

In his presentation to the students of Institute of Printing Technology (IPT), Chennai, Fredrick John of Esko shared that embracing eCommerce as one of the key trends to note in the packaging industry.

19 Feb 2020 | By Sriraam Selvam

Fredrick John of Esko

"Removing detailed imagery which becomes illegible at thumbnail size, making the brand logo the main image, are key areas to focus in terms of eCommerce packaging design," said John.

He added, "Introducing more sturdy and compact shapes and opting for temperature-resistant packaging materials are few more pointers to remember."

John also spoke about the need for smart packaging as another emerging trend in the industry.

"Reusability in packaging is gaining importance keeping in mind the need to be environmentally prudent," he said.

In terms of smart packaging, the design needs to be shelf-ready and also ensure it allows more portion control in it," John added.

Other trends, according to John, are in terms of special format packaging and personalisation in packaging. The need to offer enhanced user experience, enables joint promotion and ease-of-handling are areas to address with regards to special format packaging.

"I think there is a clear trend of modernisation with regards to pharma packaging that is gaining prominence by the day," he explained.

Shipping directly to customers, child-access proof, senior citizen-friendly, enhanced safety, boosting compliance, temperature-controlled packaging and use of biodegradable material are some of the areas he highlighted as trends in pharma packaging.

While talking about the latest technology in packaging, John spoke about the advent of 3D packaging design for better visualisation and the growing use of digital presses for more on-demand packaging printing.

"Apart from 3D and digital printing, the pace of growth demands a standard pre-press solution for all forms of printing," he added.

John also spoke in length about extended gamut printing and the use of Esko's Equinox for the purpose.

"Extended gamut or fixed pallet printing with the help of equinox ensures the use of four process colours CMYK along with additional process inks to reproduce Pantone colours in a consistent, smooth and accurate way," he explained.

"This not only ensures more vibrant reproduction of colours but also in case of say, a six-colour job with two spot inks, it cuts the entire production time by 60%," he concluded.

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