Fogra PSO Partner status for Future Schoolz

Future Schoolz has become an official PSO Partner of Fogra from India. As Kulakkada Pradeep, the CEO of Future Schoolz said, "This means Future Schoolz can now run audit and certification programs at printing companies for standardisation, complying with Process Standard Offset - PSO (ISO 12647)." In the past couple of years, Future Schoolz has created a benchmark in print standardisation and reduction of wastages in printing and packaging industries in India. This Fogra PSO partner status will add further value to their ongoing activities.

29 Jan 2024 | By Charmiane Alexander

Jose Thomas: It can help many volume printers in India to set standards and become quality print vendors

Kulakkada Pradeep shared the news with PrintWeek from Germany that "Future Schoolz will assist printing enterprises in adhering to the internationally recognised and validated Fogra standards, which is regarded as the gold standard worldwide." He said, "This can be a game changer for the Indian print industry, enabling it to compete more confidently with the global competitors."

This means Future Schoolz will also work with Indian manufacturers to certify paper, chemistry and print consumables with Fogra standards.Jose Thomas, principal consultant of Future Schoolz said, "Many print buyers are raising the point that certifications are becoming a commodity and sometimes it is not a true reflection of quality standards of a press.

With Fogra certifications, Future Schoolz is keen to bring back the credibility and trust that are integral to certifications, we are going to keep up all the standards it mandates strictly. We are confident that Fogra certifications and associated standards will create more opportunity for Indian printers as their customer satisfaction index will go several notches up along with wastages and rejections coming down drastically." 

Jose Thomas added, "We are committed to make the Indian print businesses more profitable by implementing global standards. Apart from being members of three global standardisation bodies - ICC, Ghent Workgroup and CIP4, the PSO Partner status will further enhance our expertise to deliver specific solutions to Indian printers who are looking to enhance their quality and profitability.

Kulakkada Pradeep with the Fogra team

Fogra PSO certification is a guide to creating optimal, stable and reliable print products in accordance with the international ISO 12647 standard series. By becoming a Fogra PSO Partner, Future Schoolz will prepare the printing companies for the certification test and carry out the necessary assessments which will be evaluated and certified by Fogra. 

Fogra is a globally leading research institute for the printing and media industry with a legacy of over 70 years. Fogra is known for the scientific approach, neutrality and practical relevance and their certification gives the assurance that the printed materials are reproduced as accurately as possible and consistent.

The certification process is an industrially oriented and standardised approach to manufacturing print products, from data collection to final print product with 4 key modules. The qualified colour management, proof creation, platemaking and print job make-ready/print run. 

Kulakkada Pradeep said, the benefits of Fogra certifications are numerous. He alluded to demonstration of quality to the outside world, internal benchmark is set for process standardisation, ability to meet the demands of quality conscious customers, credibility of neutral certification by an independent global organisation, fewer customer complaints and broad international acceptance.