Flint Group puts EkoCure Dual Cure technology in the spotlight

Flint Group is proud to be an exhibitor at the upcoming Labelexpo Asia in Shanghai, China, where it will spotlight its EkoCure Dual Cure ink and coating range for narrow web printers.

04 Dec 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

The exhibition will take place on 5-8th December 2023 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).

At Labelexpo Asia, Flint Group will highlight its dual-curing EkoCure ink and coating range for pressure-sensitive labels, wrap-around labels, tubes, and shrink sleeves, as well as dedicated products for high-shrink applications that exceed a 75% shrink rate. 

Lina Gu, general manager China/SEA/Russia at Flint Group, said, “Labelexpo events always provide a unique opportunity for printing industry professionals to witness technology in action, and this year’s event in Shanghai will be no different. Demonstrating true Flint Group expertise, our EkoCure range is an exciting showpiece with real-world benefits for today’s competitive narrow web label printer. After all, we’ve been developing UV LED technology for over a decade, so it’s no surprise that Flint Group is one of the most trusted names in the field.”

Gu added, “Visitors to the Flint Group stand will learn about EkoCure’s enhanced levels of flexibility and efficiency and tap into the knowledge of our team to understand the simplicity of the transition from traditional mercury curing to UV LED.  Importantly, our team will explain how this ink range not only delivers excellent on-press stability and consistency but also cures well under both UV mercury and UV LED curing systems. Converters can make the transition unit by unit or press by press as needed.”  

With LED curing technology increasing as mercury-based UV lamps become more challenging to acquire and maintain, EkoCure offers a fantastic bridge between the two curing technologies, ultimately minimising waste, simplifying ink inventory and maximising press uptime. 

Olek Zhang, technical director, China & SEA, added: “In addition to the outstanding quality that Flint Group products are always known for, we’ll also be showcasing the versatility of our EkoCure range. We have high-performance solutions for labels and shrink sleeves that our customers are producing in high quantities, as well as solutions for high-shrink products. Combine these with the cost and sustainability benefits of LED curing, and the EkoCure line truly impresses.”

Zhang added, “At the Flint Group stand, our team will explain how switching to low-energy LED curing methods can be remarkably simple, and when working with Flint Group during this transition, any narrow web converter can level up their productivity, efficiency and quality.”

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