Five websites for sustainable packaging

Janice Coutinho, a third year student of Media Technology at Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), surfs the world wide web for websites that offer material and services for sustainable packaging. Following are the top five sites that caught her attention.

05 Jun 2019 | By PrintWeek India


With the world facing multiple environmental threats, including climate change and rapid urbanisation, Hatch provides solutions that meet the needs while simultaneously making sure that the issues are being tackled efficiently. The company's goal is to come up with new ideas and innovations to create a better future. With its belief in sustainability, the company has a network of about 9,000 professionals who work globally over 150 countries in fields like metals, energy, infrastructure, digital and investment market sectors. The objective is to reduce single-use plastics, such as tape, shrink-wrap and bubble-wrap. Some of Hatch's projects are the Jadar Project in Serbia, Kashechewan First Nation flood-risk forecasting and mitigation in Canada, a long-range master plan for Port of New York and New Jersey and the TraPac Terminal Automation Support in the United States.

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Conservatree's main aim is to protect the environment. The company educates its clients, partners and end-users how to best use plastic and recycled paper. Since its inception in 1993, the company has done everything to be greener and more environment-friendly. It provides digital, litho and large-format printing services along with an extensive range of display and POS systems. It also includes branding items with company colours, logos, marketing slogans and contact details. Conservatree has developed an online system that simplifies ordering and managing print and promotional items.

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Spectrum Plastics

Spectrum Plastics works in developing and manufacturing specialty medical plastic products. It puts out clear guidelines of what choices customers have when using plastic and how to go about using it along with highlighting its options and benefits. This helps in getting the right material for the necessary application. Their vision is to provide comprehensive and highly engineered plastics and material solutions, which enable health restoring therapies for the benefit of patients all around the world. The company develops products such as extruded tubing, injection molding, packaging and film and other plastic components. Its core value is turning engineering concepts into high-quality products fitting the needs and wants of a client.

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Scrapo is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of secondhand polymers in different countries. It is the world’s largest market place for recyclable plastics. Since its inauguration in November 2018, suppliers have posted offers to sell 1.5-million tonnes of recovered plastic on Scrapo. Sellers can post images of their products for free and can converse with multiple buyers. The website initiates trading between buyers and help export the material in the international market. Buyers can search and select the best offer worldwide. They can negotiate with sellers in real-time and make deals with sellers.

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This platform is used to streamline the USD 30-billion reused-paper market. Within the site, Scrap Monster is a platform for trading recovered metal, which has about 50,000 registered users. MerQbiz has been developed by a team of digital innovators and recovered paper experts who are enthusiastic about improving the industry and they bring decades of experience in digital marketplace platforms, wastepaper trading, and papermaking. The site connects buyers and sellers in a transparent marketplace. It makes sure that the goods exchanged are of good quality. Trust, transparency, and efficiency are the core values.

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