First Landa Press installed at Simian in the Netherlands

Landa Digital Printing has announced that commercial web-to-print specialist, Simian, has purchased the first Landa press to be installed in the Netherlands. The company plans to utilise its Landa S10P Nanographic printing press to transition all current digital work, as well as a third of all its offset jobs, to its new Nanographic press. This will enable it to significantly increase its margins and improve overall business profitability.

07 Feb 2020 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

The Simian shopfloor

In addition, Simian aims to use its new Landa press to offer new printed applications to further boost revenue, including printing onto foil and large format graphics. The Landa S10P is expected to be installed in the second half of 2020, where it will be housed in Simian’s press hall in Groningen. It will support the company’s three brands, Reclameland, and Flyerzone.

Wouter Haan, CEO, Simian, said, “Like any modern business, we don’t make investment decisions without going through a comprehensive due diligence process. And actually, this is the bit I really like — I love data. This information had already identified gaps in our operations where we could make efficiency improvements, but it has also shown us that we were losing margins on jobs that sat between the cross over point between our digital and offset technologies. We knew that if we had a new technology that was better suited to those run lengths, we would make more money. This is when we began to look at what was out there. We started with other inkjet as well as offset presses, but having seen the Landa S10P, we realised that nothing compared to its print quality and total cost of ownership. And for a numbers guy, the S10P ROI calculation was very compelling.”

Simian was established in 2008 and today employs over 180 people. Based in northern Holland, the business has a customer portfolio of over 500,000, with an average of 1,000 customers ordering printed jobs every day. With such high demand, the company has an impressive equipment list, boasting several digital and offset presses as well as a suit of finishing equipment at its 35,000-sqm site.

The Landa S10P Nanographic printing press with perfector is ideal for two-sided general commercial printing, including advertising pieces, catalogue production, direct mail and high-end magazines. Enabling just-in-time mainstream efficiency, the B1 (41-inches/ 1,050-mm) format Landa S10P press prints on off-the-shelf substrates at 6,500-sheets per hour.

Nachum Korman, chief commercial officer, Landa digital printing, said, “High quality print was always a prerequisite, but the fact that Landa offers you no limitations —everything from the vibrancy of colour, format size, and high speed and efficiency at short to medium-run lengths — has prompted an amazing reaction to Nanography from the market.”