Fine Digital goes beyond CMYK with Ricoh

Hyderabad-based Fine Digital Prints has recently invested in a Ricoh Pro C7200X digital production press. The machine was supplied and installed by Monotech Systems.

19 Jan 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

JC Krishna Reddy Panyala of Fine Digital Prints with the Ricoh Pro C7200X

JC Krishna Reddy Panyala, managing partner, Fine Digital Prints, said the adoption of the new Ricoh has empowered the company to leap into innovative graphics with a new colour gamut beyond CMYK.

Since its inception in 2008, Fine Digital Prints has been one of the popular commercial printing corners engaging in the production of high-end commercial graphic prints as well as stunning graphic designing jobs. “We work for a huge population of customers who are from varied market segments, diverse walks of life, and different cities and towns of India,” said Reddy, adding, “Though we are based in Hyderabad, almost 90% of our customers are from the neighbouring and far-flung cities and towns.”

One of the reasons why Fine Digital Prints has become a popular commercial printing corner is its production setup which keeps upgrading from time to time with the installations of modern machines, with the Ricoh being the latest addition to the portfolio. 

Reddy said the new Ricoh is a workhorse with which the company is now galloping to discover the innovative range of new applications and colours beyond CMYK. 

He said, “We have been working for several big corporate brands from every nook and corner of the country. Our customers are quality-conscious people who come to us for out-of-the-box graphic ideas and applications. To meet their demands and expectations, we need to get equipped with high-end machines like Ricoh, which has advanced features that do not have in any other digital press in its class.” 

Apart from the Ricoh Pro C7200X, the production facility of Fine Digital Prints is equipped with other digital presses such as Xerox Versant 180 and Xerox B9100, backed by a strong team of 12 well-trained printing and graphic designing professionals. 

“Unlike the other digital presses we have used so far, our new Ricoh has the versatility to explore a new colour gamut comprising the white ink and use of a range of unconventional printing media like Tyvek and others,” Reddy added.

The Ricoh Pro C7200X can take up media up to 360-gsm and it can run at speeds up to 85-ppm in banner sheet duplex printing mode. “Other than the usual applications, we are now planning to change the game of commercial printing to another level using the fifth colour station. We have set a target of six months down the line to utilise the prowess of this digital press to explore all new possibilities of innovative applications,” Reddy said.