Fine Art Printer of the Year 2016: Marvel Graphic Studio

Isn’t there any other firm who can stop Marvel Graphic Studio’s homerun in this category? It is a tall order, though. The company is now a record-holder of sorts, winning this category for the sixth consecutive year. The reason? They are really, really good in what they do.

04 Nov 2016 | By PrintWeek India

At five feet, the serigraph ‘Peehu’ by the artist Salve is one of the longest serigraph in the history of Indian screen printing. It took 60 layers and 45 days to complete the job. According to the company, the USP of the job is the white water stroke effect in the background, for which the company did the colours, layers, textures in the background and the white transparent colour effect. Marvel produced 125 editions in 45 days using Fabriana 300gsm paper and mesh 80,100,120 (nylon) 140.

The ‘Vishwaroop, Chapter 11, Verse 20’ sample was produced in 60 days. The goal was to be nearer to the feel of acrylic colour effect. The different tones were created using the right effect – be it foil, watercolour, or acrylic. No part of this serigraph is without layers, nor colour is direct. There are over 72 tones of colour/screens. The company produced 125 editions using Magic Touc, Korea, 280 gsm paper and mesh 80,100,120 (nylon) 140 (polyester).

The original artwork for the serigraph ‘Ganesh’ was created through reverse painting on glass. The luminosity of glass and the brilliance of colours are evident in the sample. There are over 54 tones of colours/screens. In 60 days, the company produced 125 editions, using Bocking Ford 300 gsm paper and 80,100,120 140 (nylon) 100 (polyester).

The serigraph ‘Achal’ has 74 tones of colours/screen and was completed in 41 days. The company produced 300 editions, using Schollershammer fine art paper 200gsm and 80,100,120 (nylon) 100 (polyester).

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