Finat Radar 2018 report investigates label consumption

The European association for self-adhesive label industry, Finat, has released Finat Radar, its six-monthly market report of 2018 winter edition.

28 Jan 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

According to Finat Radar, the projected label purchasing volumes in 2018 were lower than that were in 2017, both for conventional and digitally printed labels.

The report further said that 65% of respondents indicated their label volumes to increase in 2019, and respondents who expected a decrease in their label volumes went up to 18% from 3%, at the end of 2017. The proportion of respondents who expected no change in procurement volumes also went up, from 14% to 18%, between December 2017 and December 2018.

Jules Lejeune, managing director, Finat said, “Especially in the current context of market uncertainty, the Finat Radar is an invaluable tool for members to assess market prospects and to compare trends in the procurement of labels and packaging solutions provided by the self-adhesive and narrow web converting industry. I strongly recommend that they download the report.”

According to Finat’s quarterly European labelstock statistics, the demand for labelstock slowed down with just a 0.9% volume growth rate for self-adhesive paper roll materials (mainly due to continued strong demand for direct thermal materials) and 3.5% for PP, PE and other high-end non-paper roll materials. Sheet labelstocks reduced to less than 5% of its total demand, it dropped by 2.6% in 2018.

The respondents were surveyed on the topics like label purchasing volume growth projections, label vendor loyalty, migration from self-adhesive to other label formats, liner-less labels, factors that brands consider for printed packaging decoration, and the possibility of in-house label printing by brands.