Fespa 2019: Canon launches new Colorado with matt/ gloss curing

Canon has launched the Océ Colorado 1650 roll-to-roll printer to expand the application capabilities of its growing UVgel wide-format family. The Océ Colorado 1650 can cure prints with both matt and gloss finishes. The machine was showcased during Fespa 2019, held at Munich, Germany from 14 to 17 May.

17 May 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Like the 2017-launched Colorado 1640, the 1650 is a four-colour, 1.6-m wide device which makes use of Canon’s UVgel ink technology. However, it runs a new more flexible variation of UVgel (UVgel 460) that increases the inkset's 'stretchability' from the 1640's 15% to 85% on the new machine, which opens up additional applications such as soft signage, vinyl, and canvasses.

As well as a new inkset, the 1650 also features a new curing system, FLXfinish LED, which enables users to automatically switch between matt and gloss finish, without changing inks or substrate, to suit high quality indoor and high impact indoor/ outdoor applications respectively.

Wouter Derichs, large-format graphics, EMEA sales and marketing director, Canon Europe, said, “We carefully listened to feedback from the market after the release of the 1640 and perceived four key pillars on which to build – productivity, automation, cost of ownership and media versatility. It was clear that we needed to expand the range of applications on the Colorado and we are very pleased to be able to offer that increased flexibility. Customers who have trialled the new machine have been very pleased with the added value of the FLXfinish, as well as being astonished by the consistency of colour and dimension in the print.”

The Océ Colorado 1650 offers the same productivity and image quality as the 1640 — 159-sqm/hr and 1,800-dpi — and will be sold alongside its older sibling, which has notched up more than 800 installations.

According to Canon, the 1640, which will continue to run the UVgel 356 inkset, will be targeted at users that focus on floor graphics, posters, signage and vehicle graphics, whereas the 1650 will be recommended to users that require a higher level of flexibility.