Fespa 2019: Aslan to show its new films

Self-adhesive substrates specialist Aslan will show a raft of new speciality films at Fespa, to be held at Messe Munich, Germany on 14-17 May.

26 Apr 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

The German manufacturer’s newest ‘high-class’ films include MetalLuxAslan SE 50 and Print MetalLuxAslan SEP 50.

With a matt champagne and platinum finish, MetalLuxAslan SE 50 can be applied over entire surfaces or used as selective highlights. Print MetalLuxAslan SEP 50 is the printable version of both the champagne and platinum films and is available in 25x1.25-m rolls. The company will also show its new MirrorEffectAntiScratchAslan SE 75 product in silver and gold, which boasts a double-sided mirror effect and ‘extraordinary scratch resistance’ according to Aslan.

MirrorEffectSimplyApplyAslan SE 76, an easy apply version of the film that is completely removable for flat surfaces, will also be on show. The product is available in rolls of 25x1.25-m.

The company’s portfolio of memoboard products has also been expanded and now includes the new Blackboard PP DryapplyAslan BBL 920, a PVC free blackboard film for writings with chalk and liquid chalk, and the new FerroSoft Blackboard Aslan FF 540, a magnetically receptive PVC-free blackboard film that is available in 9x1.37-m and 12x1.01-m rolls.

Finally, FerroSoft Whiteboard matt Aslan FF 490 is a new magnetically receptive matt whiteboard film available in 9x1.37-m and 12x1.01-m rolls that is also suitable for projections.

Aslan said all of the memoboard films have high scratch resistance and do not show any ghosting or shadowing, even with frequent use.

Print MetalLuxAslan SEP 50 and MirrorEffectSimplyApplyAslan SE 76 are suitable for event construction, shop fitting and visual merchandising applications while the memoboard products are targeted at interior designers, for offices, working spaces, schools and universities.

Aslan marketing representative David Remmler said, “As Fespa is attracting worldwide visitors, it is a good opportunity to get in touch with new customers and new markets and to meet our long-standing, worldwide customers for face-to-face meetings.”