Family pays tributes to MK Bhargava

MK Bhargava is the founder of Kumar Printers. He led a life marked by the triumph of hard work, honesty and the human spirit. However, there is more to him than just being a veteran entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a leader, and an influencer, Sandeep Bhargava, the second generation of Kumar Printers told PrintWeek.

09 Aug 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

MK Bhargava

MK Bhargava, who passed away on 28 July 2023, started his love affair with print in Lucknow in 1949. He established Kumar Printers in 1964. 

“Chairman Sir’s deep passion and interest in printing and production needs no introduction. Discipline is at the bottom of everything he does. He is a perfectionist and does not tolerate mistakes or shoddy work from anybody. He has been driven and vocal about purpose and ethics while conducting business,” Sandeep Bhargava said.

He added, “The values and ethics embodied by Kumar Printers stem from him. He is known for his kindness and reaching out to people in need. He has mentored and supported many people to fulfil their dreams and grow. But he has many interests beyond business. Bhargava Sabha, politics, current events, music, cricket and good food with a special love for mango ice cream are some of the things that he enjoys. Sharing the experiences of his yesteryears, and grooming young minds with potential is close to his heart. Chairman Sir loves interacting with sharp minds with youthful energy and fire in their belly.”

Anuj Bhargava of Kumar Labels and Bhargava’s nephew said, “Tauji was my business mentor, grandfather figure, a great motivator and above all, a great friend. We chatted almost daily. He would deliver gyan regarding business practices, operations, efficiencies, values and even technology. He was very receptive to learning new things even in his 80s.”

He added, “Much of what I am and what and how I do today is inspired by his learnings. He kept his extended family, community and industry associations bound together. Like many others, I too will miss him immensely.”

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