FACTORY 50 returns in December

Come December, and the PrintWeek issue will unveil the annual list of FACTORY 50, featuring a curated list of 50 top factories from India that have achieved manufacturing excellence along with implementation of best practices this year.

17 Nov 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

In our quest to select the best among the best, even tiny steps have been noted — from changing light source to an energy-efficient one to choosing a press line where one can track productivity, from making sure that buildings are insulated properly to movement of materials, to capacity expansion and shopfloor automation — and hygiene.

Organised alphabetically, and selected by the PrintWeek editorial team, the list, to be published in the December issue of PrintWeek, will showcase what a world-class shopfloor on Indian soil can look like.

Noel D’Cunha, managing director, PrintWeek & WhatPackaging? said, “People in our industry are doing wonders when it comes to design, establish, manufacturing, obtaining the processes and best practices at shopfloor but unfortunately most of us not aware of it. FACTORY 50 is a well-received attempt from our part to share the knowledge and update. This year again, we hope to show and share some best and adoptable practices, policies and processes for the industry’s betterment.”

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