Essentra Tapes reports uptick in demand for tape solutions

Global supplier of packaging tape solutions, Essentra Tapes, has reported heightened interest in its range of tapes and systems in Southeast Asia.

25 Jul 2022 | By Aultrin Vijay

Essentra tapes produce over 31 million km of tear tape annually

The demand for convenient packaging in the region has seen an increased interest in strips that tear through a variety of flexible packaging types in FMCG, especially the food and beverage industries.

The Asia-Pacific region will likely continue to dictate the lion's share of demand in a sector that is predicted to grow with a CAGR greater than 5% between now and 2026.

Eva Kartika, category sales manager at Essentra Tapes, said: “We continue to observe a notable uptick in demand for our tapes and systems, with retailers looking to secure improved packaging convenience.

“Food and beverages, and eCommerce packaging will remain key contributors for us as a business, with our flagship brands, such as RippaTape, SupaStrip, and Re:Close, falling under the microscope due to their credentials in brand communication, protection, authentication, security, and most crucially, their ability to make boxes and flexible packaging easier to open and reclose.

“Demand can be attributed to the need to enhance the functionality of flexible packaging and bolster consumer convenience, as well as the protection businesses are seeking against product tampering. Consumers are demanding much more from their packaging and our customisable solutions represent the next logical step.”

Essentra tapes produce over 31 million km of tear tape annually, which is seamlessly applied to a wide variety of packs, from flexible overwraps and sleeves to cartons, boxes, envelope mailers, and even hermetically sealed packs. With 10-colour gravure printing and sophisticated slitting lines, Essentra tape products meet exact print and quality standards.

RippaTape, the original market-leading tape-based opening device for board and paper-based packaging, gives fast, safe, and immediate access, while SupaStrip enhances brand loyalty by providing a positive, easy opening experience.