Esko releases latest version of ArtPro

Esko has announced the release of its packaging and labels prepress editor, ArtPro+. It is part of the Esko Software Platform 2018, the latest version of Esko’s integrated software solutions for design, prepress, workflow automation, colour management and supply chain collaboration in the packaging, labels, display and sign markets.

08 Jun 2018 | By Sujith Ail

As per Esko, the ArtPro+ completes the prepress operation of editing work 40% faster, requires fewer clicks to complete tasks, features faster opening and saving of files with native PDF, and has a faster trapping. 
Isidore Leiser, CEO of French label converter Stratus Packaging, said, “The majority of the PDF artwork we receive today is processed through ArtPro+. It works just great to run our prepress production: we measured an increase in productivity and improved our service and customer satisfaction.”
ArtPro+ can run through Esko’s Automation Engine, tasks can now also be simplified through automation within the editor, without any need for scripting reducing the human error.
Esko representative stated, “The combination of the new ArtPro+ and Automation Engine gives print service providers and label and packaging converters the solution they need to effectively deal with the faster turnaround times and ever-shortening print runs that have become common in today’s printing and converting environment."
Esko has planned a series of events, roadshows and training webinars to train customers on the new ArtPro+ version.

Key features

Operators can build PDF Action Lists without any special know-how or IT skills: Do it once in the editor and then repeat many times to cope with repetitive tasks. This automated action can be done by anyone and gives every operator a productivity boost at their fingertips.

With a new font management connector for ArtPro+, everyone can now have immediate access to the fonts needed, when needed, to achieve quality output for designs. As a result, prepress professionals can make real-time edits to fix critical, last-minute text changes, reducing expensive print errors and costly press delays.

ArtPro+ uses CAD data to maintain only a single file for all output purposes, eliminating file duplication, errors, and the need for redundant tasks. The benefit is that everything is kept together in one file – the same file that is used to drive output.

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