ERP helps Packeteer boost its production efficiency

The Vasai-based company has been able to reap more benefits out of its existing equipment with the help of Indus Print ERP.

31 Aug 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

Parag Ghelani, director at Packeteer

Vasai-based package printer Packeteer said that it has been able to utilise its existing equipment to its full potential with the help of Indus Analytics’ Indus Print ERP. The software has also enabled the company to reduce wastage and improve production output without any additional hardware.

Parag Ghelani, director at Packeteer, said, “We were able to see noticeable changes in carton production during the initial days of the ERP installation. We were amazed to know that our existing equipment was capable of doing more than what we used to get from it before.”

Packeteer was established in 1999 and started manufacturing packaging products in 2019 in Vasai. The company’s shop floor is occupied by a five-colour machine, two two-colour machines and one single-colour machine. Apart from that, it is equipped with four punching machines; two pasting, cutting, lamination kits; and three UV machines.

Ghelani said, “We are now planning to buy a new machine soon to keep up with the demand.”

Ghelani added that after the installation of the Indus Print ERP system, the company identified several flaws in its carton production process with the help of the software during the initial days. However, after rectifying the flaws, Packeteer noticed improvements in its production and reduction in waste generation.

“We were able to reduce our chemical consumption by up to 20% post the installation of the ERP software,” Ghelani said. “The software shows the quantity and value of chemicals utilised by the machines in real time.”

Earlier, Ghelani was scrambling to identify the problem areas that caused its cost to be on the higher side. “When the software started showing the problem areas, we came to know where we were going wrong and where we needed improvement,” he said.

He added that the wastage ratio is now coming under control, “because now we are able to identify the amount of wastage with the help of the software.”

“The software is also performing well in terms of stock management. It has made things easier and hassle-free for us,” said Ghelani. “To top it off, the software is very user-friendly, too.”

Ghelani was all praise about Indus Analytics’ after-sales service. “We are very satisfied with the after-sales service. Our queries were addressed without any issues.” He also revealed that the company was able to recover the cost incurred in purchasing the software in under six-months.

Parmeshwar Patidar, managing director at Indus Analytics, said, “We are planning to add more features to the software in the coming weeks and more new tools are in the pipeline and being tested. Hopefully, these new tools will make it to the users soon to make their lives easier.”

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