EFI’s seminar addresses packaging productivity challenges

In a daylong seminar on 22 May 2018 in Mumbai, Electronics for Imaging (EFI) discussed the need for automation in production planning and other business processes and reducing manual touchpoints in a bid to improve productivity and efficiency of a packaging converter.

25 May 2018 | By Sujith Ail

The event at JW Marriott saw delegates from packaging majors like Essel Propack, Huhtamaki PPL, Borkar Packaging and Printmann in attendance.

Sandeep Nijagal, sales manager at EFI, said, “The purpose of conducting the seminar was to connect with the packaging professionals and understand their pain points and analyse how EFI's bouquet of software can address the issues.”
Steve Green, product specialist, EPS packaging EMEA kick-started the session by addressing the need for implementing the ERP solutions and benefits it will reap to the company after successful implementation. 
According to Green, a "complete ERP" must constitute of four components: Item-based workflow, supply and demand management, traceability of jobs plus WIP jobs, and shipping and inventory. Green said, “ERP helps with reducing touch points and optimisation of resources which can result in improved margins, which ultimately adds to the profitability.”
Green explained the Theory of Global Optimisation and significance of having a global view of the company, optimise and sync all areas of business.
During the day, EFI team spoke about how print-packaging firms across the world are benefiting from EFI products like Printflow's dynamic scheduling and shofloor data collection using EFI Autocount.
Robert Petyt, senior sales development manager, EPS at EFI, touched upon EFI's successful implementation of Monarch software at Repro India and a couple of packaging converters where ERP implementation is under progress.
In the post-lunch session, Paul Cooper of EFI interviewed ERP consultant Baiju Gujarati in a Poolside Chat session. Gujarati has been instrumental in Repro implementation and is working with EFI on ERP implementation projects in India.
Gujarati touched up on how it requires a mindset change and a top-down approach right involving top management to embrace ERP solutions. He said, “Buying software is the easiest step in the process, but efficiently utilising it for the benefit of the company is the key factor.”
“There has to be an acceptance among the top management as well as at the operators to embrace the change and keenness to adapt to new technology. A champion has to be identified at the operational level who will incline others to learn the same. This indeed will reduce the risk of taking corrective business decisions and result in benefits,” added Baiju.
Cooper concluded, “We are targeting the mid to large companies where the complex operations and multi-site operations can be streamlined using EFI solutions."


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