EFI Reggiani launches scanning digital textile printer

Electronics For Imaging, has launched its third new digital textile printer of 2021, delivering the world’s highest real production throughput for a scanning digital textile printer. The EFI Reggiani Hyper is a scanning printer available in 1.8-m, 2.4-m or 3.4-m widths. With an up to eight-colour configuration, the EFI Reggiani Hyper prints at up to 13 linear metres per minute in two-pass production mode, making it the fastest textile scanning printer on the market. The new printer is suitable for high-quality production on knitted or woven fabrics and is designed with smart technology that enables it to be integrated into Industry 4.0 projects.

10 Sep 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

The new EFI Reggiani Hyper targets the industrial high-speed segment of the multi-pass textile printing sector

“Our track record of accelerated innovation continues, as we make good on our promises to deliver a third new textile printer this year,” said EFI Reggiani senior vice-president and general manager Adele Genoni. “And, with the new Hyper model, our R&D team has outdone itself, bringing even more innovation to digital textile printing despite the constraints of the pandemic. We have learned from our customers how productivity and sustainability are key drivers to support their business through the digital transformation.”

The new EFI Reggiani Hyper targets the industrial high-speed segment of the multi-pass textile printing sector. Not only is it the fastest multi-pass printer that EFI Reggiani has ever developed, but the fastest of its kind in the market, offering extraordinary printing quality with unmatched productivity.

The Hyper’s superfast carriage with 72 printheads can print two passes with production quality at speeds up to 13-m/min for a 1.5-m-wide roll, or up to 10-m/min for a 3-m-wide roll. On a 3.4-m Reggiani Hyper printer, users can print a pair of 1.5-m-wide rolls in parallel, delivering a total throughput of up to 20-m/min, which is comparable to some single-pass printers currently in the market.

The printer is powered by EFI Reggiani genuine inks, with high-quality formulas developed to ensure the best performance in terms of runnability and longer printhead life while producing astonishing colour depth and brightness, as well as excellent fastness properties.