EFI gives more handles to digital print servers with its new Fiery FS400 Pro

Electronics For Imaging (EFI) has gone one up on its Fiery digital front end (DFE) software platform with introduction of the new EFI Fiery FS400 Pro.

25 Oct 2019 | By Noel D'Cunha

The new DFE server platform includes advanced tools for colour management and enhancement, spot-color reproduction and variable-data print (VDP) management – elevate digital production, which John Henze, vice president of Fiery marketing and sales, EFI said, gives  print service providers (PSPs) a new, higher level of integrated, advanced digital print workflow capabilities.

“This is the biggest Fiery platform release of the past few years, one that can have a significant improvement for print providers looking to advance their businesses with higher quality, higher accuracy, and outstanding efficiency,” said Henze.

EFI is working with its OEM partners to make the Fiery FS400 Pro, which will be available for both external and embedded Fiery servers, compatible with their upcoming offerings to the market.

Fiery JobExpert, a feature in FS400 Pro, is an in-RIP technology that analyses incoming PDF files and processes the job with fewer errors, and along with Fiery Edge,  will help print service providers achieve the best image and colour quality process, more jobs and create less waste.

These are two of the many other features, said Henze. “Customers who adopt the Fiery FS400 Pro platform in their new digital press investments will quickly realise that it is more than capable of handling some of the most demanding production printing requirements,” he explained.

Other EFI Fiery FS400 Pro features 

Support for Adobe’s latest PDF Print Engine (APPE 5.0) and PDF 2.0.

Fiery Impose software now tightly integrates with many more offline finishing equipment brands with slitter/cutter/creaser finishers, enabling all preparation steps in just one click.

Fiery Spot Pro, a feature that offers brand color-matching with higher precision from design to print.

Fiery FreeForm Plus, a new, proprietary variable data printing format that works in conjunction with the Fiery FreeForm Create free application for designers;

Security enhancements to stay up to date with evolving requirements and standards that meet specific customer environments.

Additional compatibility with third party cost accounting software.

In conjunction with this release, there are also new features in the Fiery Command WorkStation job management interface, including faster response with frequently used functions, and a Smart Search tool that helps users quickly find Fiery-related information and training.